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Attorney Michael Rehm represents bicyclists and pedestrians injured by another's negligence.

The California Department of Public Health reports that pedestrians are the victims of more than 21% of all Contra Costa County traffic fatalities. That statistic is significantly higher than the nationwide average, making Contra Costa County a risky place for pedestrians to cross streets.

About a third of all children who are killed in traffic accidents are pedestrians. Children are disproportionately the victims of bicycle accidents, particularly when they ride from home to school.

Like children, elderly pedestrians often have difficulty avoiding careless drivers. While 7% of pedestrians who survive collisions with motor vehicles are over the age of 65, senior citizens account for a third of all California pedestrian accident deaths.

Michael Rehm can help injury victims of all ages. He handles personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from collisions with pedestrians anywhere in Contra Costa County and throughout the State.

Liability for Contra Costa Pedestrian Accidents

When a driver collides with a pedestrian or bicyclist, the accident is usually caused by careless driving. Drivers are negligent when they:

  • enter intersections without checking the crosswalk for pedestrians
  • enter bicycle lanes without determining whether the lane is occupied
  • look at a smartphone instead of the road
  • speed through school zones or residential areas
  • make right turns without looking for pedestrians or bicyclists in the road

California law allows pedestrians and bicyclists to recover compensation even if they were partially at fault. Compensation is reduced in proportion to the victim's fault, so an injury victim who is 25% at fault will recover 75% of full injury compensation. This is a concept called “Comparative Fault.” Even if you feel you were at fault for the accident, do not make assumptions about the value of your case, call Attorney Michael Rehm for a free consultation to determine how the law applies to your facts.

Representing Contra Costa Pedestrians and Bicyclists Who Suffer from Collision Injuries

Attorney Rehm helps injured pedestrians and bicyclists recover lost wages, medical costs, and other expenses incurred because of collisions caused by negligent drivers. In most accident settlements, the largest component of recovery reflects the victim's pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

He also helps accident victims recover losses associated with disabling injuries, including long-term income loss, job retraining expenses, wheelchair replacement, home health aide expenses, and other costs of coping with a disability. In wrongful death cases, we help surviving family members recover the losses they incur because of a loved one's death.

For more information on how Michael Rehm can help you call (925) 705-8707 for more information. After hours and weekend appointments are available.

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